Saturday, May 8, 2010

Welcome to Everything About UKIP

The coming months will be very interesting for UK Independence Party watchers. Having crashed, pardon the pun, in the general election they are likely to be in court in June, June 7th has been mentioned, in a fight for survival with the Electoral Commission over dodgy donations.

We look forward to keeping you informed.

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  1. Hi,
    Good luck with your new blog - you are welcome to use anything off of my various blogs with assurance that it will be true, it will have been checked and I will almost definitely have used at least 2 sources.

    NEVER have I had a material fact wrong.
    NEVER have I been show to deliberately lie.
    NEVER have I refused to make a substantive correction.
    NEVER have I refused to speak to anyone on the phone.
    NEVER have I refused to make myself available for public questioning.

    I note there is a growing body of truth seekers publishing material about UKIP and their dishonesty and corruption.

    I also note the number of people who have villified UKIP & Mark Croucher in particular for failing to pay me the £12,500 they morally owe me and for that I thank those who are seeking morality from UKIP.

    I am shortly launching a new blog as is now so large with 1,000 blogs it is becoming increasingly unworkable so keep your eye open for:

    May I suggest an eMail contact address on your blog?

    Good luck,
    Greg L-W.