Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nikki Sinclaire MEP

When somebody upsets UKIP's leading spiv, Nigel Farage, he gets his cronies to smear them. Nikki Sinclaire, by standing up to the extremists in UKIP who sit with homophobes, racists and extreme right wing fruitcakes in the European Parliament, has upset them. So, as they have done with just about everybody with a profile who leaves UKIP, they have tried to smear her.

One of their favourite smears against MEPs is to claim that a complaint has been made about their financial probity to OLAF, the EU anti-fraud unit. Anybody can complain to OLAF, it doesn't mean the complaint is being taken seriously. For some weeks now the far-right extremists in UKIP have claimed that Nikki Sinclaire is under investigation. The following email proves those claims to be baseless. More nasty, tasteless and immoral smears by UKIP's far-right leadership.

Dear Ms. Sinclaire,

I apologize for not having contacted you earlier.

I understand from your telephonic message to OLAF Free Phone, that you wanted to be informed whether OLAF has opened an investigation into possible irregularites you may have committed as alleged by a former assistant of yours.

I can confirm to you that OLAF has not opened an internal administrative investigation into this matter.

Yours sincerely.
Danny De Raedt
European Commission
Europe Anti-Fraud Office OLAF Unit A 1 - EU Institutions.
Office 05/58 - Phone : + 32.2.***.**.**

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