Friday, March 4, 2011

UKIP Barnsley By Election

Congratulations to another one of Nigel Farage's 'very good friends' Jane Collins.

12% in the Barnsley by election put Ms Collins top of the anti-Coalition, anti-Labour sleaze protest vote. The real test will be the forthcoming local elections. Will people really want to elect local councillors who only have one policy, to leave the EU, which is as far removed from local politics as you can get?

Another false dawn in our view which UKIP will, in their usual amateurish way, spin as putting them on the brink of government. Remember the Hartlepool by election way back when Farage sycophant Steve Allison got 10%? It was downhill from there too.

Wonder how Mr Farage will thank Ms Collins for such a sterling effort? Or will Ms Collins thank Nigl for giving her the opportunity?

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