Monday, November 7, 2011

Neil Hamilton Jumps Aboard the UKIP Gravy Train. Next Stop Brussels?

Mr and Mrs Hamilton
Word has reached us that the backstabbing and infighting has begun once again in UKIP.

They start to get twitchy when the selection process for the European elections is approaching. Although the elections aren't until 2014 there's a wad of cash to be had so they start early.

They don't bother getting excited for real elections, such as to the UK Parliament, let's face it they even tolerated a leader at the last election who urged people to vote against UKIP candidates. But they can make a fortune winning a seat with a relatively small vote under the EU's absurd PR system.

The latest ambitious high profile newcomer limbering up to jump aboard the gravy train is Neil Hamilton. He must really fancy getting his snout in the Brussels trough after his experience in Westminster, a mere training ground for the greedy it seems before they graduate to where the real cash is to be made.

Nigel 'Spiv Boy' Farage
Let's face it UKIP aren't fussy about who they select to become MEPs. Remember Ashley Mote? Remember Tom Wise?
 You may remember Neil Hamilton from the Cash for Questions Affair in the 1990s when he was MP for Tatton. Just to help him on his way Hamilton has been elected to UKIP's NEC, supported by Party Leader, Nigel 'Spiv Boy' Farage.

It's just amazing anybody takes UKIP seriously.

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