Monday, December 20, 2010

Oldham East and Saddleworth By-Election

Paul "Roderick Spode" Nuttall
UKIP recently announced former party chairman John Whittaker would be fighting the Oldham by-election on their behalf. They have now announced their North West MEP Paul Nuttall will be standing in the by-election. Who knows maybe they are putting up two candidates. Or even more, after all nominations are open until Thursday.

They do have a habit of making themselves look foolish. When Whittaker was an MEP he stood in multiple seats in the 2005 general election, proving the contempt in which UKIP hold the electorate. Maybe now they are going for multiple candidates.

Nigel "Bertie Wooster" Farage
 The problem with Nuttall is that he lacks sincerity. He dresses like Roderick Spode as a sign of his worship of Bertie Wooster impersonator and UKIP Fuhrer Nigel Farage. Despite dressing like a country squire Nuttall actually comes from one of the rougher parts of Liverpool. Any illusion created by his Roderick Spode dress sense is soon shattered when he opens his mouth, he makes Lily Savage sound posh.

So the running comedy that is UKIP continues. Except it isn't all funny really. It's ironic that UKIP pitch in an MEP in a by-election caused by Phil Woolas being sacked for telling porkies. Let's not forget, if UKIP try to play whiter than white, that two of their MEPs have spent time at Her Majesty's Pleasure. They are Ashley Mote and Tom Wise.

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