Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ray Finch-UKIP

We have decided to run a regular little spotlight on Ukip's more bizarre members. We've found a failed council, parliamentary and EU election candidate called Ray Finch, and thought he would be a good place to start. OK, so Ukip have lots of failed candidates, that's not the point.

Ukip members are not very bright, and some even think that Nigel Farage and Marta Andreasen are good things. Internal opponents of Farage call those people sycophants, some call them worse. Why don't you decide? Here's what Ray Finch had to say in an interview with Bloggers4UKIP before last year's EU election:
"In my opinion MEPs can do absolutely nothing in Brussels as they are merely ciphers employed to offer a veneer of democracy to an anti-democratic regime. There is a place for Nigel to be there to make news by being interviewed using it as a backdrop and when Marta is elected she can cause trouble by getting on the financial committees because she knows where the bodies are buried but ordinary MEPs sitting there pressing voting buttons like so many Pavlov's dogs whilst getting fatter on free lunches is a waste of time, money and talent".
I bet the other Ukip MEPs love Mr Finch for likening them to Pavlov's dogs, but not as much as Mr Finch obviously loves Mr Farage and Ms Andreasen .

He can't seem to say much without mentioning his hero Nigel. Take this example:
"Winston would have come to UKIP, had a fight with Nigel over whether brandy was better than best bitter and defected back. Pre war Winston was best known for putting country before party so he was a UKIP man before his time really".
So Winston Churchill would have defected to Ukip, had an argument about alcoholic beverages with Nigel Farage, then defected back to the Tories, presumably leaving Ukip after his brief defection to put country before party as Mr Finch pointed out. We can see why Mr Finch doesn't get elected can't we?

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