Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oldham East and Saddleworth By-Election: UKIP, Mutual Hatred and Self Loathing

Young UKIP members parade before their Leader
The thing UKIP does best is fight, but it's not the enemy they fight, oh dear no, it's each other. That's because UKIP is more of a cult than a political party. In a serious political party there is not 100% agreement on most issues and, within reason, debate is regarded as a healthy thing and encouraged. In UKIP, if you dare question any aspect of it's leadership, direction or policy you are publicly denounced as a traitor who hates UKIP.

Most members who have either left or been driven out face a campaign of lies and smears carried out by puppets of the Leader. The most common smear is that a former member was discovered to be a member of the BNP. Indeed this happens with such regularity that it looks like UKIP is mostly made up of BNP members merely infiltrating. However we have written before, here, about the UKIP leader and the BNP. It does shed new light on UKIP's obsession with the BNP.

But UKIP is now in a state of turmoil as members wake up to the fact that the party is back in the kind of position it was last time Farage was their leader, plummeting like a rock thrown from the White Cliffs of Dover. So this is where the British Democracy Forum, that window on the soul of UKIP, comes in so handy to observers of the decline of UKIP.

Here you will find a thread started by UKIP fanatic and leader worshipper Michael 'Mick' McGough asking for any dirt on party activist Richard Allen. What has Richard Allen done to fall foul of the UKIP Stasi? Here is what Mr McGough says in his question:
"Sometime treasurer of UKIP Hodge Hill and Yardley,a two constituency branch and forum moderator.Appears to be more anti UKIP than pro and is close to Nikki".
Nikki being Nikki Sinclaire who was unconstitutionally hounded out of UKIP and has recently won a court case against them for discrimination. More on that here.

Here's what Richard Allen says in his own defence:
"I am the Secretary and Treasurer of my local branch. Last year I was a local election candidate, election agent for 7 other local candidates and election agent for two general election candidates. In the last year I have delivered over 25,000 UKIP leaflets, donated the best part of two thousand pounds and incurred out of pocket expenses running to several hundred pounds. As someone of relative modest means this is a substantial financial contribution. This year I will again be a local election candidate and the agent for several other candidates and no doubt I will again put my hand in my pocket whenever it is necessary to do so.

That you, as a member of UKIP's National Executive Committee should attack me in public as being "more anti UKIP than pro" only shows how pathetic you are and how utterly undeserving you are to hold a position of responsibility in the party".
If this is waht UKIP are like when they have no MPs and very few councillors, what would life be like in their form of Stalinist dictatorship if they ever did achieve anything in the UK?

Thankfully that is never likely to happen, their constant state of civil war guarantees it.

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