Friday, January 21, 2011

Exclusive-UKIP'S Ray Finch NOT Jack the Ripper

UKIP's resident idiot, Ray Finch, likes to take to the internet to claim not to be somebody he isn't. See blog post below.

To avoid any confusion we would like to make it clear that Ray Finch is not Jack the Ripper. He is far too young to be a Victorian mass murderer. At least that's what we believe, I suppose with plastic surgery.... No, before we go down a road that could lead to Finch himself having to claim not to be Jack the Ripper, he is definitely too young.

To avoid any doubt he is not the Yorkshire Ripper either. I don't think even our justice system would allow the Yorkshire Ripper out to help the Farage campaign in Buckingham. But that may be why Finch wasn't seen in the Eastleigh constituency, where he stood in the election last May but wasn't spotted in the constituency campaigning. He claimed to be campaigning in Buckingham instead. Maybe he just wasn't free to campaign.

No, Finch is definitely not the Yorkshire Ripper either. And we apologise to Peter Sutcliffe for this sick joke of a blog post.

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