Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ray Finch UKIP-More on UKIP's Useful Idiot

Thank you to those who have sent further information about Ray Finch, or Convict 811326860 as he is known by the team. Much of what we have received needs some research, so more later hopefully.

In the meantime it is interesting to look back at the coverage of his campaign in the general election last May. It really does show the calibre of so many UKIP candidates. Whoever put a dunce like Ray Finch up against a high profile candidate like Lib Dem Chris Huhne must be an even bigger dunce.

Ray Finch, on a flight of fancy common in UKIP circles, had declared in the campaign that he would move to live in the constituency should he be elected. Well if I'm selected to play for Chelsea I will move across London to Kensington. Yes, there's two empty promises for you. Serious candidates move to live in the constituency for which they are selected. They don't wait and see, and certainly don't make vacuous promises that insult the intelligence of the voters.

But it got worse. Finch is known in UKIP circles for being one of Nigel Farage's most ardent and obsessive followers. Indeed so obsessed with his leader that he campaigned in Buckingham where Farage was standing rather than his own Eastleigh constituency. So up yours people of Eastleigh, your UKIP candidate couldn't even be bothered with you, blinded by his obsessive lapdog obedience to his leader.

This from Eastleigh News:
"Ukip’s Ray finch was easily the most despondent man of the evening. He had spent a large portion of the campaign canvassing in Buckingham on behalf of former Ukip party leader Nigel Farage who had been injured in a plane crash earlier in the day.

Ray said he had been due to take a flight in the aircraft himself".
So, Ray had been lured away from a serious campaign with the offer of a quick flight in a plane that crashed, just like the UKIP vote on polling day.

But it got even worse with Ray Finch garnering a paltry 3.6% of the vote. The voters of Eastleigh aren't dunces then.

But he managed to make an even bigger clown of himself:
"On hearing the result Ray commented that if Nigel Farage won in Bucks then he would feel vindicated at having spent so much time away from his own constituency".
As ever Finch's hero was thrashed, pardon the pun, in Buckingham getting 4,000 votes fewer than a pro-EU independent. Mr Finch seems to be blinded to reality by his hero worship of a third rate political chancer. How sad that he seemed to be the only person in the world who thought Farage could beat Bercow. But that's Ray Finch, UKIP's useful idiot.


  1. The man is a fool and detested in Hampshire where he is known for spreading poison about anybody who questions Nigel Farage. There are too many like him in UKIP and they hold us back.

    On Chris Cassidy I think you are a little harsh. He is a councillor, it was not his fault there were only five candidates thus making an election unnecessary.

  2. Fair comment on Chris Cassidy. Our point was not that he hasn't been elected, rather the way UKIP have spun his councillorship as if he had topped the poll in a fight with Labour, Tory and Lib Dem candidtates.